About the Service

Authorized Capital is the capital that is authorized by the memorandum of the company to be the maximum amount of the share capital of the company. The company can expand its business to the level of the authorized capital. In case the company has to expand the business infusing more funds than at first, the company has to increase the authorized capital by following certain processes.

Documents required

1. The altered Memorandum of Association 

2. Signed documents sent by us

UComply shall file Form SH-7

Timeline of service

The capital shall increase within 5 working days from the date of filing the form and making the payment


1. When should the authorized share capital increase?

A company is required to increase the authorized share capital before issuing the new equity shares and increasing the paid-up capital. The Authorized share capital is the total value of the shares a company can issue.

2. What is the minimum authorized shared capital?

Private Limited Companies are required to have a minimum authorized share capital of Rs.1 lakh and Rs.5 lakh for public limited companies

3. Is it necessary to conduct a board meeting for increasing the authorized share capital?

Yes, it is necessary to increase the authorized share capital of the company.

Increase in authorized capital

3,999₹May very depending on the state
  • Charges may vary depending upon the stamp duty of each state

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